Saturday, November 16, 2013

Panacea Careers and Management P Ltd organized a training program form its employees on 2nd Nov.'13.

The training was taken up by Mr Farrukh Nadeem who is a well known corporate trainer and is having more than 16 years of Industry experience,  The Training Session was based on "Sales and Persuasion Skills and was attended by the team members of Career Launcher Allahabad, Career Launcher Rewa, Panacea Quick Brinks India P Ltd. Oasis Overseas, & Panacea People. The training was centric around sales and how can we improve our selling skills keeping in mind the long term goals and overall organizational benefit. He threw light on the advantages of cross selling and referencing. In this era of competition Smart work is required along with hard work as the market is evolving day by day and so are the trends and practices. Its very important to have keen vision on the activities of our competitors and be abreast with their offerings and strategies. A must have for the sales people is SALES KIT which they must prepare in  advance and it should contain all the information which might be required by the client.
A Win- Win approach is very much needed to make the association beneficial and workable. Mr Nadeem even took up role plays to show how these things can be implemented in our day to day working.
The training was very much appreciated by the entire team and it thus enabled them to overcome the day to day challenges countered by them. The event was preceded by a SWOT analysis wherein the participants clearly defined their strength and weak areas.
Overall this exercise was well applauded and will definitely have an impact on the overall team performance.
Following the training session the Panacea Family celebrated Diwali and pledged o Go Green this year by indulging in to Pollution Free Diwali Celebrations.

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