Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Equipped to learn IIT PMT 

Cracking IIT & PMT is the dream of every Engineering and Medical student but the student should judge themselves on certain parameters so that they can adopt a more modest and methodical approach while preparing for the examination. To help them understand their strengths and weakness, a seminar "The Road to IIT & PMT" was conducted on the same.

A seminar the road to IIT & PMT based on how to crack the entrance examination was held at Hotel Kanha Shyam on 21st December 2014, at 11 am, Allahabad. The event was co-hosted by Education Times and Career Launcher, Allahabad part of Panacea People. Its main purpose was to throw light on philosophy, Scope and Content for the IIT PMT. Panacea People, being a diversified unit, has been into education sector for more than 12 years. Partnered with some of the esteemed organization, Panacea People provides employability and business solutions.

The program was anchored by Mr.Ajoy Chakraborty and the eminent speakers of the seminar was Mr.Sanjeev Mishra (Expert Maths) & Mr.Manish Bhatnagar (IIT kanpur, Ex Kota Faculty), who has been into teaching for over a decade and has helped thousand of students preparing for IIT PMT and other competitive examinations. They apprised the participants about question paper and how one should prepare for the examination. 

The hall was jam-packed with students from almost all the reputed schools of Allahabad who are aspiring to engineering and Medical as their dream career. Giving details about the various sections of the entrance paper, Mr.Mishra briefed the participants about the syllabus and how to manage their time and other chores. Sharing 'success mantra' on how to crack IIT PMT, Mr. Bhatnagar gave valuable tips to the students of class X, XI, & XII.

The event witnessed the foot fall of 1500+ participants and around 400+ parents. Speaking on the occasion, Gaurav Agrawal and Vishal Gulati of Career Launcher, Allahabad stated that Career Launcher has been involved in many such initiatives designed for the benefit of the students.  They even thanked Education Times for lending support in making this event a success.

A ' Scholarship cum Aptitude Test ' for the students will be conducted by Career Launcher on December 22nd, 2014, at Career Launcher, Allahabad to test their knowledge. 

The event was appreciated by the students and parents alike and many more looked forward to such informative events that help them to take an informed choice. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The "Indrajaal" of Online Spree
Every other day I find the city covered with large hoardings to publicize a random festival which makes us lucky enough to save a lot of money by shopping through one of the many Online Retailers. New Gen buyers are now into even more love with their Smart Phones (smarter than the owners sometimes) which has a dedicated App (software application, to be precise) which lets them break free. The app comes with some additional discounts moreover. Is it the next level? Has our nation moved to the 3G of retail? Let us try to answer.
The second generation of Indian retail was the Brick-and-Mortar shopping malls which made the people buy their needs under almost every product category from grocery to durable under one roof. Commonly known as organized retail stores. The organized retail didn't even spread its wings over a considerable part of the Indian retail pie and co meth the Click Retail. The youngsters are the soft targets. The people you are tech savvy, give lesser worth to the traditional touch-and-feel buying and have a good purchasing power are the best suited segment for the 3G retail.
The delivery person has now become the new regular visitor to almost all offices where the average age of Human capital is between 25 to 35 years. Grabbing good deals in online sale is the new tatkal ticket booking. If you do not log in on the right time the best deals get sold out. We are given a lot of choices and a lot of discounts. The benign online sellers have successfully saved our lac of rupees, if we believe what they tell us.
Beneficiaries in disguise, we the people sitting with our hands on the keypad we actually are paying for the heavy publicity costs. Traditional retailers pay a hefty proportion of their costs for storage, handling and physical showroom upkeep but the online lords are immune to these hits. With zero warehousing and physical display requirements any name can easily become a brand. Fine prints are skipped for the fear of losing the deal. And now we have a young India that has a less idea of saving and investment and more idea of saving through spending.
If we look at the online shopping from a macroeconomic point of view a major part of spending is done through Credit Cards which further invites interest and other consequent charges. So did we actually save? The virtual discount that led to notional savings gets converted in actual spending and interest liabilities which are as high as 3 percent per month in some cases. On one hand we sacrifice the opportunity to touch, look, try and feel the products and we end up paying interest on the other.
So, just be a little more careful and a little less jittery when a pretty face says something about large savings on a huge billboard on your way. Calculate and think. about the pains you have been bearing to get your Plastic Money loaded.