Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Freedom: What does it really mean?

Come the 15th day of August and all around us find a spontaneous upsurge of patriotism. The 3 colors of the tricolor paint more places than ever. We love the place that made us. We admire the fact that we are residents of a free land. We are free to choose our thoughts and we are free to chase our dreams. I’ve tried to compile a simple explanation of freedom and how it should really be put in practice. It’s not a wisdom lesson but a walk through I gathered from my own learning and experience.
F – Faith in Positivity: For every growth that has ever happened anywhere in the human evolution the basis has always been faith. Some had faith that a gigantic metallic structure carrying hundreds of people would fly and reach to destinations through the sky route and so were the aircrafts born. Whatever technology we live in today was once “faith” of one person and “impossibility” for others. Faith won and freedom from old practices was achieved for the entire humanity. So, remember have faith in the positive thoughts and ideas you have. You will surely bring freedom to many through them.
R – Re-engineer constantly: Adapt to the dynamic and ever changing environment around. Nothing is constant and static and so should be your inner self. You must continuously build and “unbuild” yourself as per the demand of the situation. Start a change within yourself as if today is the first day of your life. There is always a room for turning around. There is always a scope to re-build. Any day and every day is an opportunity to begin.
E – Energize people: Freedom doesn't come in solidarity it comes in and brings along a wave for the entire society. Keep energizing the people around this will create an invisible yet powerful chain reaction of positive energy flow around you. Speak positive about things happening around, avoid discouraging people for what they do or choose. Appreciate small things and acts of people around you. Guide and support people as much as you can. Your small efforts will initiate a huge chain reaction of positivity.
E – Evaluate before you execute: Every act we enact has its repercussions and effects on people, places and events related to them directly or indirectly. Whatever planning you have done must not hurt the freedom of others in the way of execution. Risk return should be evaluated not only for oneself but also for all who are associated with the execution. Proper and simulated evaluation before the actual execution is the key to freedom.
D – Distribute: Whatever small happiness we gather out of our success must be distributed equally and unconditionally among the people around, the nature and the society. Plant a tree each time you achieve; however small your achievement is, celebrate it. Share your happiness with family and friends.  Each tree you have planted once will remind you of your potential and will help your confidence to catalyze your mettle for further miles.
O – Overcome your fears: “There is no secret ingredient to success; It’s you” I take it as a small yet one of the most powerful quotes. Success comes as soon as you get up and walk after failure laid you down.  The beginning and end of fear lies nowhere but in our own mind. Organize your thoughts; stay patient; believe in yourself. Struggle may be ling but not forever. Keep fighting victory is inevitable. Train your mind to conquer the fears and teach your own mind that however tough the time may be it will get over for sure. The sun would rise and so would you.
M – Move out: Reach out, move to new places, meet new people, learn newer things and keep breaking the shell you live in day by day. Life would grow awesome. Make yourself free from mental junk. Train your brain to run the “Clear-Trash” command time to time. You will be free and freedom will be yours sometimes in the form of success and each time in the form of happiness.
Just have a belief in these 7 small commandments for freedom and love the nation.
In the words of Rabindra Nath Tagore: “Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them.