Friday, March 11, 2011


Career Launcher Allahabad organized a seminar aptly titled ‘Be Dabangg’ at Hotel Kanha Shyam on 15th February 2011. The keynote speaker was Mr. Akash Gautam, celebrated motivator, PDP trainer and success coach. This was part of his country wide tour on the theme of cracking interviews at the PG and B-School level and in the larger perspective of jobs etc. A humungous crowd consisting mainly of students, MBA aspirants and also members of the intelligentsia and professionals were treated to an event that was totally different from anything they had witnessed before.

This seminar was especially targeted at the students who have given or will give their CAT/MAT entrance tests and are preparing for the round two consisting of the Group discussion and personal interview. The session was extremely informative and completely charged up the students. Akash focused on building the attitude of the students for the GDPI.

He gave tips on the appropriate dressing sense, likely questions, how to fill the personal information questionnaire and what to bear in mind while filling the same, since most of the interview questions are based on that. He also dealt with some commonly asked questions like tell me about yourself, strengths & weaknesses, short & long term goals. He also dwelt at length on questions regarding hobbies, extra-curricular activities. He pointed out that subject-based questions would be asked. The entire session saw tremendous participation by the students in the packed-to-capacity hall. Director of Career Launcher Allahabad, Mr. Gaurav Agrawal opined that seminar would prove extremely helpful to the students.

Centre Head of Career Launcher Allahabad, Mr. Shashank Somvanshi remarked that seminar would help the students in achieving success in their careers. The event was conducted by Ajoy Chakraborty. Ayushi, Tarun and Alok contributed in making the event a grand success.

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