Monday, March 28, 2011



Continuing from where it left off last year, Career Launcher Allahabad has taken upon itself to spread awareness about Law as more than a viable career option for Class XII pass-outs. Looking at the plethora of Engineering/Medical colleges with questionable pedigrees mushrooming faster than frogs in the monsoons and the resultant influx of semi-competent Engineers/Doctors into the system, the need for more viable career options for the undergraduate cannot be over-stressed. With this in mind, Career Launcher Allahabad has taken upon itself to educate students and spread awareness among the general populace about the extremely lucrative and upcoming career of the Integrated Law Programme offered by the National Law Schools.

Accordingly, Career Launcher Allahabad organized a seminar on 25th March 2011 aptly titled ‘Law as a Career’ at Hotel Milan Palace. The keynote speaker was Mr. Devranjan Mishra an alumnus of NLSIU Bangalore. At first glance Devranjan could be mistaken for a Law School aspirant instead of the remarkable achiever that he undoubtedly is. A Guinness Book of World Records holder (for memory – can be Googled), an NTSE Scholarship holder, has a patent pending for a project he did for Intel Corporation, has represented India in International Debates at Amsterdam & London, has represented India in Moot Court Competitions at Hague & Hong Kong and the list keeps going on.

Devranjan explained with incredible candour and forthrightness about the CLAT Examination and the various topics & subjects. He described the life at a Law School in such an illustrative manner that almost everyone present in the hall felt like taking the examination! He also stressed on the fact that although the level of English & Maths was of basic level, yet students should enroll for LST (Law School Tutorial of Career Launcher) especially to get good marks in Legal Aptitude which was a new subject for most aspirants. After listening to him speak for the better part of two hours one could not but help being confident of taking this or any other Law School examination.

The Center Head of Career Launcher Allahabad Mr. Shashank opined that the LST course offered to CLAT & other Law School Examinations aspirants provided the best resources. The entire event was conducted by Mr. Ajoy Chakraborty and supported by Mr. Tarun Gupta, Ms. Ayushi Poddar and Mr. Alok Verma.

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