Saturday, October 4, 2014

A man is what man does. A small bunch of thoughts on the Gandhi Jayanti

Spin a wheel in your own home and wear what you manufacture. Depend on no one but yourself. Mahatma Gandhi not only led a freedom to national movement but also helped us to realize the power and importance of self dependence. He made us believe in the fact that a man is identified by what he does and the key to the success of any revolution is belief. In the same lines we are set to adopt the thoughts of "make in India" and "swachh bharat".
Mahatma Gandhi was a frontier of the national development and scientific mordernization. We need to accept Gandhi as a thought. A thought that inspires and persuades us for being self sufficient. If we look closely on the education system instituted by the British Raj, we would find that the so called western education system was actually customized to fit the British Colonies. But Mahatma Gandhi had a vision for more inclusive and vocational education which paves a way for inculcating entrepreneurial skills and equips the pupil with a thought provoking for self dependence. Ensuring such self sufficiency at micro level for every household would surely lead to social, regional and national self sufficiency in macro level.
In the current education system we find very less percentage of people who look for starting their own venture. Mahatma Gandhi strongly advocated against such a system. We should be proud and thankful to institutions like IIMs and IITs which are setting a platform for nurturing the orientation and potential for the youth looking forward at starting innovative ventures. We should also salute the institutions
Like ISRO, Wipro, flipkart and many others who ensure that the talent built and nurtured in the country remains with the country. I would be thankful to honorable PM Sri Narendra Modi if he incentivices and motivates the institutions who are pivotal in retention of the indigenous human capital.

Mahatma Gandhi has stated that a man is identified by what he does. The first question, when we meet someone is, about what he does. The work of any man or even a nation is the sole identity. We identify an economy by its core competency in some area and the export leadership it portrays. India as a economy has a huge potential which remains untapped. The refined thought process which is a result of tough conditions and uneasy atmosphere has became a blessing in disguise and now Indians are capable of providing a solution to almost everything. Think of this thought process being structured and the results thereafter.
The pinnacles we touched recently and the aura our beloved PM has created in the world economies is actually the realization of the dream which Mahatma Gandhi had. Let us from today itself start believing in ourselves and do something which makes us self sufficient. Together our small contributions would give the nation immense power and protection to the economy.

Jai Hind!!!

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