Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Quick Guide to Structured Preparation for Aptitude Tests

Imagine a hard working aspirant. Try writing first three features that come to your mind. Conventionally we would imagine late night hours, an aspirant spending majority of hours each day in studies and a tensed family for the child’s health and falling diet. These are the common attributes of an average Indian aspirant for any of the aptitude tests. But is it the quantity of time and studies and books referred that matters? I would choose to say, “NO”
Killing social life and putting health on stake is not the right way. Rather it may turn out to be even fatal when it comes to defining true happiness as a balanced life. Here I present a quick guide for the aspirants for a balanced and structured way of preparing:

1.  Instead of solving endless questions, revise 2-3 concepts per subject each day and then solve not more than 8-10 questions per concept. These questions should be solved within a set time limit. The question for practice may be chosen from any study material. It should be ensured that all these questions are from same topic but conceptually somewhat different.

2.  Go for a quick and introspective analysis after you have solved the questions aforementioned. Don’t worry about the questions that went wrong or the questions you weren't able to attempt. Rather refer the explanation or solution for that question and analyse what went wrong. There may be many reasons for a question to go wrong :

a.     I was not aware of the formula/ concept required for solving that problem.
b.    I was not understanding the language of the question
c.    I made a calculation error.
d.    Some silly mistake has happened
e.    I was not having sufficient time
f.    Others.

Likewise may be reasons for not attempting a few questions. Do introspect categorically upon each of the wrong or unattempted problem and train yourself to correct it from the very next time.

3.  Add 20 new words to your English vocabulary unfailingly on a daily basis. Maintain a neat and clean register of your vocabulary. Refer any study material and write down 20 new words neatly in this format: Word(part of speech i.e. adj/adv/verb/noun) : Meaning, synonyms, antonyms, a sentence showing usage of that word. Just revisit you Vocabulary Register quickly once in a day and by the passing time you will have impeccable vocabulary.

4.  Read Editorials of newspapers such as The Hindu and The Economic Times. It will give you an insight of the contemporary events. It will also let you know the thought process involved over analyzing any event taking place and you will learn as to how the events are related to its cause and effects. This will add to your Group Discussion and interview skills which generally is the round-2 for selection exams.

5.  Have your food properly and take proper diet. Do not sacrifice food for preparation. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. With improper health you would no longer be able to concentrate on your preparation. Take breakfast, lunch and dinner on proper time.

6. Socialize well. Do not kill your social life. Call your friends, talk to your family, attend the invitations and give time to your social life. This will act as a stress buster and you will feel rejuvenated each time. Remember, life is a lot beyond studies and preparation. You cannot afford to kill other aspects and concentrate on just one

Preparation and studies are just some of the phases each one has to pass through. The topper of the exam is not the only person who gets selected. You just need to clear the minimum cut off marks and you will be there. You can do it while living your social life, your healthy life and your family life as well. Take your mother for shopping, go for a birthday party for an old school friend, send messages to your friends, stay connected with them, keep posting your cool pictures on facebook and tumblr. Live life, and spend some sincere 2-3 hours as mapped in the above points. You will sail through and sail better.

All the best !!!

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