Thursday, October 25, 2012

Akash Gautam Event

“Bollybulary hits Allahabad”



Presenter: Akash Gautam- India’s leading motivator, trainer & communication expert.

Date: 4th September 2012

Venue: Kanha Shyam

Time: 4.30 pm

Akash doesn’t need any introduction; he is not only a motivator and mentor but also a vocabulary expert. His events are a hit among students especially the CAT aspirants as his techniques are very handy in vocabulary building. His past events have been a huge success; the latest one was a gatecrasher!!


Glimpse of the Event:


“Veni Vedi Vici”. Akash came, Akash saw and Akash conquered. Allahabad was witness to an event of awesome magnitude for the fifth year running. For students who are used to dull, dreary and drab seminars, it was an afternoon which would be etched firmly in their minds for ever. Normally, vocabulary is an area which no one treads with confidence. But Akash shared such amazing tips on the learning and the retention process, that it sent the confidence of the students soaring. Learning English vocabulary could be so much fun, was incomprehensible for most students. Popular Bollywood chartbusters electrified the atmosphere and rocked the entire ambience, since the overwhelming majority of the audience consisted of the ‘generation next’. With his characteristic wit, he kept the audience in splits. To keep an impatient generation captive for close to three hours was an achievement in itself. The entire hall was chock-a-bloc with students with even standing place at a premium. This was surely the Baap of all Akash events, since for the first time scores of students were forced to sit on the bare floor. Volunteers were constantly seen asking people to move out from the front of the screens. A conservative estimate put it at around 1200 students (this does not include the close to 300 who had to be turned away by the venue management due to paucity of space)!

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