Monday, February 27, 2012


Date 19 Feb 2012. Time 10:30 a.m. Venue: Hotel Kanha Shyam.

A cyclone named ‘Akash Gautam’ hits Allahabad. After almost 3 hours the storm abates but not the after effects.

If that read like a weather report, rest easy, we are talking about the phenomena called Akash who mesmerized Allahabad on the above mentioned date. About 1200 footfalls comprising of students, intelligentsia, glitterati, paparazzi and the entire Career Launcher Allahabad staff were held captive to a masterly display in the art of communication skills by one India’s finest trainers, motivators and coaches, namely Akash Gautam.

In his inimitable style (many feel that he should apply for a patent!), he spoke at length on the art of communicating with all kinds of people. He advised that we should speak less and listen more. He gave valuable tips on voice modulation, on the importance of exhibiting energy and a positive body language. Smiling was a topic that he revisited several times during his presentation. Tips on the Personal Interview which proves to be many a student’s bugbear, included the advice of “Show – don’t tell” – show value. He stressed on the importance of courtesy and propriety in behavior. Everyone who has met Akash earlier knows about his sense of humor which borders on the wacky at one end and raunchy on the other. Therefore it came as no surprise when he advised the assembled populace to develop a sixth sense, the sense of ‘humor’. He also emphasized on speaking with spontaneity and fearlessness.

The most sagely advise that he proffered was that we should communicate with our parents. We should listen to them, talk to them with empathy. He recalled the sense of fulfillment that he got when he took his own mother for a ‘date’. He decried the practice of complaining all the time. “Face your problems, not Facebook them” was another of his ‘Akashisms’. The one slogan that was probably a big take away for the audience was that “Happy people are more successful”. Akash ended the seminar with the amazing one liner that “vDy Bksdjsa [kkus ls vkrh gS cnke [kkus ls ugha

All in all, the seminar was received enthusiastically by the audience who had come with great expectations and went back without their hopes belied. The Director Mr. Gaurav Agrawal in his welcome speech recounted the history of Career Launcher Allahabad and emphasized that CLA was the only institution in Allahabad that organized so many similar events where entry was completely free for the benefit of the Allahabad people at large. A number of significant Academic luminaries like Dr. Tripti Singh, Senior Faculty MNNIT, Dr. Vaibhav Singh, noted Commerce faculty and Mr. Gaurav Gulati, Director United Group of Institutions were felicitated with special ‘Bindaas Bol’ mementos. Mr. Vishal Gulati, the Joint Director proposed a vote of thanks.The entire event was conducted by Ajoy under the overall management of Shashank Somvanshi, Centre Head CLA. Abhishek Singh, Ayushi, Abhishek Mathur and Devendra Mishra provided valuable back end support.

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