Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Career Launcher has always prided itself in developing a special bond with its students. That’s why former students and present Corp Execs, Honchos etc., etc. keep coming back to CLA whenever they return to Allahabad.

How does a bond like this grow? Obviously class-room sessions help, the innumerable doubt sessions help, the various interactive events help, but what really facilitates this bonding is some special gesture so unique, so endearing that it stays in the heart and minds of that CL student in particular and the other students in general. Yeah, I am talking about the recent campaign ‘Birthday Blast’ that is being run at the center. Rishab of PEX ’11 got the shock of his life on his birthday on 25th November when he got a call from the Center Manager Ayushi Ma’am (some students insist on calling her ‘Center-ki-dulari’!), inviting him to the center. Well, Rishab, got a pleasant surprise when he was greeted at the center with a warm smile by Ayushi and Sanjeev sir and given a bouquet. His happiness knew no bounds when he was asked to cut the ‘Birthday Cake’ in the presence of the Academic Head Sanjeev sir while snaps were taken by the Center Head Shashank sir and the birthday song sung. I am sure Rishab wouldn’t have had an experience like this ever in any of his schools, colleges or coaching institutes! To say that he was overwhelmed would be an understatement! In fact he would have related the incident to his friends and peers too who would now eagerly await their own ‘Birthday Blast’ at CL!

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