Thursday, August 20, 2009

Independence Day Celebrations at CL

Career Launcher Allahabad & Panacea Careers celebrate 63rd Independence Day

Independence Day eve was celebrated at CL, Allahabad on 14th August 2009 with enthusiasm, exuberance and élan. It also being the 14th anniversary of Career Launcher gave it one more reason to celebrate.

The entire campus bore a festive look with festoons, buntings and the National flag displayed prominently everywhere. Students mingled freely with their faculty, amidst a lot of patriotic spirit and fervour. The theme was overwhelmingly “Jaya He”. The artfully decorated front office bore testimony to the zeal of our young and imaginative creative team led by Sohini Ma’am & Ayushi Ma’am under the able guidance of Sanjeev sir, the Head of Locations. Even in this kind of ‘fired up’ atmosphere, students still found time to listen to the sagacious advice of Abhishek sir. Rohit sir in the meantime kept everyone in splits with his own patented brand of wacky humour and one-liners. Shashank sir, while living it up thoroughly, was quick to advise Ajoy sir to act his age! Zishan sir was seen trying to entice even gawking bystanders to join for some course or the other (ah the pressure of sales!), while Mohit after admiring himself for the umpteenth time in his lappy’s camera, decided to finally let his hair down and get down to the serious business of enjoying himself! Alok was last seen buried under an avalanche of exercise sheets and ‘Welcome packets’.

The entire event was the brain-child of Gaurav sir, the ebullient Director, whose express wish in organising it was to drive home the point that Independence Day was a day of introspection, of realising the real value of freedom, since most of us were not around when it took place. He stressed that despite the fact that CL Allahabad was setting new benchmarks for IIM selections every year, despite the fact that academic ERPs were being implemented successfully, despite CL Allahabad being the only training centre that was providing online mock CATs each month and finally despite the fact that CL Allahabad had won the academic excellence award for the third consecutive year it would be foolhardy to rest on ones oars. He exhorted the students to focus on their goals not only for the competitives, but on life in general. It was easy to see that such events help both, the trainers and the trained, to achieve the desired results. In the end the celebrations ended with distributions of sweets and a pledge to uphold the unity and integrity of our nation at all costs.

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